Urban Planning

Adderstone Developments Ltd, Newcastle and London

VEC were commissioned to assist Adderstone Group in securing planning permission for Residential Units in Southwark, London and for Studio Apartments in Newcastle.

We provided a pre application review service highlighting design, and planning issues as well as working with Transport and Daylight Consultants.

We worked with the LPA in each case to identify and design out issues, handled objections and coordinated the full Planning Submission including production of a Planning Statement. Planning permission was secured in both cases.


Environmental Planning

Sites in Cambridgeshire, North Yorkshire and Hull- Wind Drive Ltd 2016

VEC was commissioned to provide Wind Drive Ltd with specialist Environmental Planning services for their delivery of Wind Turbines for Environment Agency Pumping Stations.

VEC undertook Environmental and Planning Appraisals of each site, carefully guiding the client through the issues and constraints, and carried out significant scoping and planning assessments with the Local Authorities. We recently compiled a full planning application which we demonstrated complied with highly stringent National Planning Policy include the Ministerial Statement.

We secured a recommendation for approval for a turbine in East Cambridgeshire.


Paragraph 55 Home, Planning, Environmental & Landscape

Private Client- Greenside, Gateshead, 2016

VEC provide a range of services to a private client in relation to his proposed Paragraph 55 development in Greenside, the first in Gateshead and one of the first in the North East.

We compiled a Planning and Sustainability Statement to justify the proposal against National and Local Green Belt Policy as well as providing Flood Risk, Preliminary Land Contamination and Coal Mining Risk Assessment services.

Crucially we designed the landscape and landscape management plan which were considered to be as important as the building design itself.

The design including landscape was reviewed positively by RIBA North East.

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